Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Right Word (1)

The foolish debt deal to which Congress recently committed us is said by liberals to give the rich 60 billion dollars.  Not so.

Declining to take what is not yours in the first place is not the same as giving.  Decling to confiscate someone else's money is not the same as a subsidy.  Nor is it a government expense, as if not stealing from a bank were an expense for bank robbers. 

We are not "giving" the rich 60 billion dollars.  It's already theirs.  We decline to take it from them because that's a good way to make room for more private investment and job creation:  Let those with money invest it rather than using the government to take it. 

Only those with the money to do so can start new businesses and create new jobs.  Taking away billions and billions of their dollars diminishes their capacity to do so and helps to keep job creation low.

In other words, what liberals call a gift to the rich is really a gift to the unemployed.

Sloppy language makes sloppy thought possible.

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Michael Buratovih said...

It seems to me that the battle of worldviews in this day of age is a battle over definitions. Look at how political correctness that stolen our language. There are all these words that are prohibited because they might offend someone. What about my offense? Political correctness seems to worried about everyone else being offended but me. And even if someone is offended, so what? Grow up and get over yourself. Why is someone else's hypersensitivity my problem? We are a nation of adolescents who refuse to grow up and our systems in place simply prolong childhood.

The English riots are a good example of children who refused to grow up. I lived in England for three years and the permissive parenting over there raised a generation of animals who never had to pay the consequences for their actions. Now look at what they're up too. They are taking things that are not theirs simply because they can. It's disgusting. The store owners should open fire on these hoods - if they had guns.