Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Pleasure of Writing (part 2), Rose Macaulay

        “England, the pirate, has ransacked the countries of Europe for her speech:  Greece, Rome, France, Germany, Scandinavia, have poured in tribute to her treasury, which shines and jingles with the most confused rich coinage in the world.  To play with these mixed coins, to arrange them in juxtaposition, to entertain oneself with curious tropes, with meiosis, litotes, hyperbole, pleonasms, pedanticisms, to measure the words fitly to the thought, to be by turns bombastic, magniloquent, terse, flamboyant, minishing, to use Latinisms, Gallicisms, Hellenisms, Saxonisms, every ism in turn, to scatter out native riches like a spendthrift tossing gold -- this is the pleasure of writing.”

Rose Macaulay, “”Writing,” Personal Pleasures

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