Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chopping Down the Family Tree

          My family comes from Switzerland.  On one visit there, I was shown a family tree that traced my ancestors back to Melchior Baumann in 1536.  As my father’s cousin spread that enormous genealogical sheet out before me, it fell off all four sides of two adjoining tables.  Between Melchior and me were more than 20 generations.  Each generation across those nearly 500 years spread out wider and wider as child after child had more and more children.  Had his mother aborted Melchior, not one of them could ever have been born.  None of them could ever have seen even one moment of life.  One abortion would have deleted every subsequent life for half a millennium.  As the years and centuries pass, and as the generations grow, the number of persons denied life expands ceaselessly.
         If your mother aborts you, she does not abort just you.  She denies life to you and to your children.  If she aborts you, she denies life to you, to your children, to your children’s children, and to all their descendants, every one.  She denies life to generation after generation of your descendants across the ensuing decades, even the ensuing centuries.
         By aborting you, she denies life to an entire family tree, roots and branches.  Because she denied you life, not one of those persons will ever see life, not one.
         If you throw a rock in a pond, the ripple goes out in ever-expanding circles.  When you abort a child, when you deny him or her life, the circle of human deletion goes on and on, for generation upon generation, for years uncountable.
         Now multiply that by 50 million, which is the number of abortions we’ve had in American alone since Roe v. Wade, and you’ll just begin to understand the legacy of death, deprivation, and human deletion that America’s deadbeat mothers have scrawled across the pages of subsequent history from now until the end of time.
         If your mother aborts you, she does not abort just you.

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David L. Russell said...

Brilliant piece Michael. Reminds me of the age old truth that ideas have consequences, but in this case, every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Death brings more death. Look at what happens when a culture refuses to live the examined life.