Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Record of Prodigious Failure

It is a record of prodigious failure:

(1) the promise to close Gitmo in the first year -- failed
(2) the 800 billion dollar stimulus package intended to fund shovel-ready jobs and to fix both unemployment and a staggering economy -- failed
(3) the promise to provide the most transparent administration in history -- failed
(4) the promise to push the reset button regarding our relationship with Russia -- failed
(5) the promise to set US-Islamic relations on a better footing than under Bush -- failed
(6) the promise to restore American prestige in the world to new heights -- failed
(7) the promise to reduce the income gap between rich and poor in America -- failed
(8) the promise to use the Arab Spring to promote better regimes and relations in the Arab middle east – failed
(9) the promise to be the post-partisan and post-racial president who healed America and closed its divisions – failed
(10) the promise to reduce the deficit and the national debt -- failed
(11) the promise not to raise taxes on the poor and the middle class -- failed
(12) the promise to pass a budget, any budget, any year -- failed
(13) the promise not to let Detroit go bankrupt -- failed
(14) the promise to put all pending legislation on line for at least five days prior to voting so that the American people can read it and debate it -- failed.

No doubt you recall your own set of Obama’s failed promises.  There are so many, it’s hard for one person to remember even the most important ones, let alone remember them all.

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