Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nice People and Obama Bashing

Some folks say that conservatives hate Obama.  They don’t.  They love America.  That’s very different.  Let me explain:

If a man is incompetent, misguided, inexperienced, and a liar, he will get bashed.  He ought to get bashed.  It's not hatred.  It's love for country.

I love my country.  I don't want to see happen to America what's been happening for almost 6 years.  Who would want to see the bad situation Obama inherited made worse on almost every count?  Hatred has nothing to do with it.

When you tell the truth about Obama, you must say things that are strongly critical.  He fails at almost everything.  Telling the truth about Obama might sound to you like hatred.  It's simply truth.  Why would anyone want the government to (1) threaten to ruin the coal industry, and (2) invest billions of dollars in green companies that go bankrupt almost immediately?

If candidate Obama was right to say that a 7 trillion dollar debt under Bush was unpatriotic, what would he say about the 18-20 trillion dollar debt we’re going to have under him?  By his own measure, he is unpatriotic.  If I say he is unpatriotic, I am called an Obama basher and a hater even though I am simply applying his own standards to him.  Is he an Obama hater and Obama basher?  No.  He’s just a feckless partisan.

In the face of high unemployment, why would we want to (1) raise the minimum wage, (2) open the borders to 11 million illegal immigrants without jobs, (3) threaten to destroy the coal industry, (4) nix the Keystone pipeline,  (5) ban fracking and reject for the nation the economic boom now sweeping North Dakota, and (6) impose higher health care costs on employers, giving them an incentive to shrink their work force and to reduce their remaining workers to less than 29 hours per week?

Why would I want us to sjrink our space program from the world's leader to hitching a ride with the Russians if ever we want to go to space?  Why would I turn NASA into an agency of Islamic relations and then stiff-arm Israel publically and privately at almost every point? 

Why would I want to assign health care enforcement to the IRS?  Is that monumental task something the IRS as an agency is well-poised to carry out and its workers well-trained to accomplish?  Is the IRS so under-worked and overstaffed that they can take on enforcement and penalization of an entire nation's health care?

Why would I want the Post Office to provide banking services, like checking accounts, small loans, and savings accounts?  Are letter carriers, letter sorters, and counter agents really the best folks to assess credit worthiness?

And I haven’t even mentioned flooding the marketplace with 800 billion dollars a year in paper money.  I haven’t mentioned shrinking the military to pre-WWII levels.  I haven’t mentioned the slaughter of millions of unborn children, or the fact that he supports and voted for killing born children who survived abortion.  I haven’t mentioned that average household income fell under Obama, that the income gap between rich and poor grew wider under Obama, or that he bungled the Arab spring.     

You see?

When you simply state the facts about Obama and his policies, it sounds very bad.  But I won't lie about him just to make folks think I'm nice.  I am nice.  That’s why I won't lie about Obama just to look good

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