Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doubling Down on Ignorance and Failure

         You can no more break the laws of economics than you can break the law of gravity.  Try if you must, but the outcome is certain:  Rather than break such laws, you break yourself against them.  And if, against all sense, you try it again, the result will be the same.  Doubling down on ignorance and failure means more ignorance and more failure, not success.
         By re-electing Barack Obama, the American voters have doubled down on ignorance and failure.  They obviously think the boneheaded policies that led to:
(1) higher unemployment,
(2) lower household income,
(3) more jobs going overseas,
(4) the greatest one-term growth in national debt in history,
(5) expanded intergenerational dependency on the state,
(6) trillions of dollars of fiat money flooding the market place, and
(7) millions more persons living in poverty and on food stamps

will magically lead to something completely different in the future.
         It’s not going to happen.
         If you still think that the most partisan president is really the post-partisan president, then don’t be surprised if partisanship flourishes even more in the next term than it did in the last, when the Republicans were literally locked out of health care reform discussions and debates, and when every budget passed by the Republican-led House was killed in the Democrat-led Senate – every one.  If that’s what you think about partisanship, you are not thinking at all.  You are not even paying attention. 
         If you think that the Democrats, who failed to pass even one budget in four years will suddenly start passing them now, much less governing according to those budgets, you are part of the problem, not the solution.
         If you think that the politically motivated failure to protect our own land and personnel overseas against terrorist attacks on the anniversary of 9/11, despite repeated and desperate pleas for help coming from the victims themselves, and that the Obama administration’s craven lies and misdirection that for weeks followed the slaughter will make for a safer America or a safer world, you are the Jihadist’s dream come true.
         If you think that a culture that slaughters its babies for convenience or for money won’t slaughter its elderly for the same reasons, then please don’t be surprised when you, your friends, or your family are eventually disposed of by the very bureaucracy charged, ironically, with national health care.  Your capital offense, the thing that lowers the death sentence upon you:  Getting older and getting expensive.  When the choice is between you and money, and when the government has no money, you die.  Please notice:  the government has no money.    
         If you think that Barack Obama failed so miserably in his first term because he inherited a mess, then how can you expect anything but proportionally greater failure from him when he tries to fix the even greater mess he inherited from himself?
         Or, if you want it in an epigram:  “If you fail to learn the easy way, then you are doomed to learn the hard way, if you learn at all.”


Anonymous said...

Bravo, well said.

Jonathan Vander Hout said...

I offer my condolences to your country on this day, Dr. Bauman. I checked your blog today, expecting that you would have written something of this sort, and, upon reading it, I am glad for what you said.

Ilíon said...

It's filling that *they* should suffer for their willful and obstinate foolishness. The will get what they deserve, and get it good and hard.

Unfortunately, we who don’t deserve it are also going to suffer for their willful self-deception. Moreover, they are going to blame *us* for the utterly predictable result – why, the fact that we’ve been predicting it, all along, is not proof that it was predictable, but is rather proof that we are causing it.

It is the way of sin to try to push off the result onto the innocent.

Christine Sheppard said...

I'm so proud to know you, Dr. Bauman.

Ted McDonald said...

In many ways we Christians do deserve to be blamed. We have dropped the ball with our own children, who are now joining the ranks of the ignorant fools who elected Obama.

Supporters of abortion and homosexuality do not tend to be very family oriented; they draw their followers from Christian families who are not doing their job. Many of the top atheist and liberal activists grew up in Christian homes! Let's get our act together - that's how we take America back.

Dr. Michael Bauman said...

I agree, Ted. The family is fundamental to cultural renewal.

Anonymous said...

wow, FOX has thoroughly raped your brains with disinformation, lies and alternate reality.
you guys are like Soviet commies, totally oblivious, willingly, to the life in real world.
I don't know who to blame here first- your vulnerable brain or the mastery of R.Ailes enterprise.

Dr. Michael Bauman said...

Thanks for your well-reasoned, articulate and fact based comment.

Now please explain how even one point in the original post is mistaken or else admit that you yourself suffer the mental disorder against which you rail. Then have the courage to make your complaints without the cowardly cover of anonymity.

If you're not a fool, you're going to have to prove it.

Ilíon said...

On the one hand, *everyone* on the internet is essentially anonymous, even you who are using your name.

On the other hand, these Anonymice -- who don't even have the decency to establish a fixed identity -- who infest the commboxes of people trying to have sensible conversations, are mere vermin.

In any event, you'll never get the proof that this Anonymouse is not the fool he so far indicates he is.

Ilíon said...

oops, that was supposed to read "It's fitting ..."

Sam said...

Well said Dr. Bauman!! What a clear and concise way to phrase the ideological problems of our generation.
We cannot spend our way out of deficits and allowing the Fed free reign over the economy will end up doing more harm then good.

I agree with Ted that the fundamental problem is the loss of/change in family values.

David L. Russell said...

@Anonymous.......... You have proven what happens when you drink the kool-Aid. The mind becomes driven by delusional thoughts, fermented in the sauce of "a historical" denial. You hide like a moral coward behind the name Anonymous, and then level substantless excrement. You make easy for the world to understand that Liberalism is a mental disorder. On the other hand, if you're merely a troller who is attempting to get a rise out of people, then you suffer from a few mental diseases, one of which we refer to as "Ineedtogetalifeitis," "Lemmingitis," "Minionitis," and "mentalmidgetitis."