Sunday, November 11, 2012

Leftism vs. Reality (round 2)

         Much like it famously failed to do with Chick fil-A, the left now threatens to boycott Papa John's and Applebee's because those two companies are considering either layoffs or a hiring freeze due to the heavy new costs imposed upon businesses by Obamacare.
         Because the left knows nothing about economics, their anger is misdirected:  When the cost of running a business increases significantly -- and under Obamacare it does -- then either the company raises its prices, which makes it less competitive and more likely to fail, thereby costing allits employees their jobs, or else it has to cut operating costs significantly in order to make up for the heavy new health care expenses Obamacare imposes.
         Between those two options, cutting costs is the better choice because it keeps the company in business and saves the most jobs.
         What Papa John's and Applebee's are doing is exactly right. What Obama is doing is not -- not if creating jobs and lowering unemployment matter to you.
         Obamacare or more jobs?  Pick one.
         You cannot have both.  Not even the Democratic messiah can change the laws of economics.  


Doug Robinson said...

I come from California in a county that used mandated rent controls to protect tenants from "greedy" landlords who believed in "evil" market based, supply and demand influenced prices. Once the city controlled the rental market, the only way a landlord could get enough income to pay his high property taxes was to find ways to prod tenants to move out so he could start with a new baseline rent and new tenants.

Dr. Michael Bauman said...

Exactly so, Doug. Human beings are creatures of incentive. Every law entails incentives, whether we like it or not. The California landlords you mention examined the law and its incentives and then made the best choice available to them. Prudent legislators take those incentives into account when they pass laws. Apparently the California legislators in question were not known for their prudence.

David L. Russell said...

I live in Atlanta, and was very proud of the turn out in support of Chic fil a on the support Chic fil a day. I waited in line for nearly twenty-five minutes simply to get an iced tea, but it was worth it just to support them.

The Applebees, and Pappa Johns situation is news to me, but it looks like I'll be buying pizza and stopping by applebees for a beer and burger. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, and the sad thing about it is that the mental disorder itself destroys the Liberal's capacity to understand basic concept such as 2 + 2 = 4.

To test a liberal's capacity to perform deductive exercises, try holding up two fingers on your left hand, then hold up two fingers on your right hand while asking them to tell you how many fingers are left when you take away one of the hands. Don't be surprised if you hear them say that they still see four fingers, perhaps six, or eight fingers. You might even hear them say, "what right do you have to take away two of your own fingers?

I wonder what is going to happen when JokeBama's (or better still, ObaMarx) policies really start destroying this country? Do you think his Lilliputian minions will come to realize that he has systematically destroyed even their world? The most frightening thing is that the ObaMarx lemmings want the lash. Like a bunch sado Masochistic deviants screaming to the Dominatrix, "Beat me! Beat me!"

Dr. Michael Bauman said...

Like you, I think the policies are deeply injurious. Like you, I also think that the left will slough off the blame onto others. Who the others will be remains to be seen. Like you, I do not think that the left is teachable on the point. If they were, he would not have been re-elected.

Mike Emerson said...

Exit polling last week showed that 53% of the people are still blaming George W Bush for our poor economic condition, even four years later. The Obama administration loves the idea of a scapegoat. They know that they can't use Bush forever, but another scapegoat will appear to them at some point.

Dr. Michael Bauman said...

I agree, Mike. My only hope, faint and vague though it might be, is that the passing of time will erode the plausibility of their excuses and their deflection of blame. That's partly why I write these things now, letting folks know ahead of time what will happen and why.