Monday, November 19, 2012

The Myth of Solution

         When liberals go wrong, they often do so by falling prey to “the myth of solution.”  They think that, if they just work hard enough and mean well, if they care, they can fix most of what’s wrong with the world.
         The liberal agenda, well intentioned as they say it is, turns out to be supremely naïve.  Liberals forget, assuming they once knew, that most of the ills that plague human existence have no political solution.  None.  No matter how you shuffle the cards, no matter how you redistribute the opportunities or the outcomes, you cannot fix what ails us.  Poverty, disability, disadvantage, ignorance, prejudice, sloth, disease, wickedness, inequality, and death -- in other words, humanity itself -- cannot be fixed, and certainly not by the state.
         Liberals famously have a penchant for redistribution, a penchant they aim also at God, redistributing His omni-competence to the state, as if the state knew all, sees all, and can fix all.  For almost every problem facing us, the liberals’ first recourse for solution is government.  They are confident that government is the place to turn for fixing, or at least ameliorating, our problems.  They have not yet answered the more basic question, “Who fixes government?”
         Perhaps they have not answered that question because in so many, many ways, government cannot be fixed.  It certainly cannot fix itself, even though just as certainly it cries out for fixing, radical fixing.  Government has the opposite of a Midas touch -- everything it touches turns to garbage, not to gold.  But gold, massive amounts of it, is precisely what government says it requires of us to fix the messes it made and that it made worse.  In the endless battle between you and government over who will control your gold, government is winning, and has been since it took us off the gold standard, whether we wanted it or not.
         I am speaking literally:  Far more often than you might imagine, secularists have devolved God into government.  They are fundamentalists of the state.  They do not know their altar belongs to Moloch, in sacrifice to whom they slaughter their children by the millions.  And as they do, they think you are the one without heart, compassion, and conscience.  They think you are the one who does not see the beauty of their solution, even though it be final.      

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